“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it…I know I can definitely achieve it.”

Today when people are cribbing about the changes that need to be brought in the society but do nothing for it, some people become the change they demand and become the torch bearers of the new renaissance which the world is yet to witness.

This is a tale of two souls who were made for each other. But, before starting their new life they decided to make a difference to many lives who were deprived of basic needs. THE BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING just got a new dimension when Abhishek and Janki belonging to affluent families decided to marry for the society…With the 7 vows of a relation which will exist till the eternity Abhishek and Janki took an 8th Vow and founded a NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION – JAN FOUNDATION.

To lead by example, Abhishek and Janki have decided to marry in most simple manner utilizing least possible resources and donating the amount which they had intended to utilize for their marriage to JAN Foundation.

About Abhishek


B.E.Civil (L.D.Engineering,Ahmedabad), 2008-2012
PG REUIM( NICMAR,Pune), 2013-2015

Coming from a well to do family, Abhishek has always had a comfortable life yet had empathy for the underprivileged. The plight of people due to lack of funds or resources even for the most basic necessities of life made Abhishek to think on the very fundamentals of the society. On one hand We Indians spend millions of rupees on weddings in 3 to 4 days whereas this money would help improve lives of many families. Every boy has a dream to marry like a KING. He sacrificed his dream for a noble cause.

About Janki


B.Arch (SVIT,Vasad), 2006-2011
M.Plan ( Cept University,Ahmedabad), 2013-2015

Janki is an Architect and Urban planner by profession who funded her studies by working part time and gaining scholarships.
During this journey of her life, she realized what value money plays in the betterment of lives and also the efforts needed to earn it.
Being an urban planner, She rightly understands most of the problems the society faces. Hence she has showed willingness to take such a step.

Jan(People’s) Foundation

JAN Foundation aims to bring together like minded people who intend to bring a paradigm shift in the way our society functions, break free from traditions and do something for the betterment of the people who are still deprived from the most basic necessities of life.

We provide a platform to the prospective Brides and Grooms to help make better use of the exorbitant money spent in Indian marriages for a social cause and putting it to use for helping the underprivileged.

The organisation aims at collecting funds for the same cause and later channelizing it to the people who need it the most.

Join Us

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If you feel we are doing the right thing, please come forward, Join Us and share this Idea with others.

Your contribution will be used for the right cause and for the people who deserve this money the most. No contribution is too little.

We would be more than glad to be guided through the process.
Kindly drop your suggestions/feedback at foundationjan@gmail.com

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